So Why Do You Need Me?

What does a professional writer and editor bring to your project?

  • A professional writer and editor (especially both in one person like me!) has the formal training and years of experience to take your ideas and turn them into compelling content.
  • More time for you! You have more important things to do than struggle to generate blog post ideas or come up with that snappy subject line that will make your customers open your emails.

That’s my job!

Okay, the Professional Stuff

Aurora M. Smith freelance writer smiling at camera about me

I graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in English. I worked as a Copy Editor before being promoted to Editorial Lead at an EdTech company in Silicon Valley.

At the EdTech company, I wrote regularly for my company’s blog. I also edited a wide variety of materials — STEM curriculum, but also marketing emails, flyers, our yearly brochure, others’ blog posts, and more.

Now I freelance both writing and editing. I specialize in health and fitness content but have written about everything from fine jewelry to archery.

I’ve been lifting weights myself for years, as well as researching nutrition and wellness. I’m a member of several fitness groups and have access to a wide community of professionals.

I’m a GGS-Certified Women’s Coaching Specialist, working on becoming a Certified Pre- & Postnatal Coach.

If you need someone passionate, knowledgable, and invested in health and fitness, I’m your writer.

If you need someone with top-tier research skills and the curiosity to really dig into your content, I’m still your writer.

Wait, There’s a Little More!

Like most wordsmiths, I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil. I wrote my first novel in middle school on binder paper because I didn’t have my own computer yet.

I kept writing through high school, and I haven’t stopped since. I also write poetry as a form of self-care and have started a new dystopian fiction project.

In my spare time, I bake relentlessly, read voraciously, and count the days until Halloween.