Capsule Stories Autumn 2020 Edition



Best Power Racks for Your Home Gym in 2023

Fitness Fixed Gear

How to Build Muscle Fast and Naturally
A deep dive into the facts behind the best ways to build muscle.

How to Lose Fat Fast (and For Good!)
No gimmicks here, just the science to help you lose fat and keep it off.

Strength Training — the Definitive Guide to Get You Started
Learn the ins and outs of strength training from start to finish.

42 Foods to Boost Your Protein Intake (Ditch the Supplements)
Make sure you’re eating enough protein with these sources.

54 High-Protein Foods for Vegetarians and Vegans
Vegetarian or vegan? Never again have to answer the question “So, where do you get your protein?”

Alive Magazine

Top 10 Foods for Healthy Hair
Nourish your strands from the inside out to get that good hair day, every day.

Aching Joints? You May Want to Try Chondroitin
Meet the supplement that’s shaking up the arthritis world.

Lavender Magazine

New BIPOC-Owned Credit Union Coming To North Minneapolis
Minneapolis residents are on course to receive a game-changing new development.

Leveling Up Your Holiday Decor
How to stay safe, festive, and affordable each holiday season.

When The Snowbirds Settle: Senior LGBTQ Retirement Development Opens In Palm Springs
The inside scoop on a new retirement community with LGBTQ+ interests at heart.

One of Our Heroes: Ila Borders
I had the absolute privilege of interviewing Ila Borders to discuss her career in men’s professional baseball.

A Sure Sign of Spring: The Minneapolis Home + Garden Show
An introduction and overview to Minneapolis’ 2023 Home & Garden Show.

Sun Country: The Twin Cities’ Airline
A close look at the only remaining Minnesota-based airline celebrating its 40th anniversary this year (2023).

New Spaces Is an Innovative Take on Home Remodels (Just in Time for Spring!)
An introduction into a local home remodeling company who does things a little differently.

Marshall and Rochester Pride
Short and sweet details on two local Minnesotan Pride events.

Breezy Johnson Comes Out on the Slopes
An interview with Johnson, one of the top downhill skiers in the world, who recently came out as bisexual.

A New Face At DC Comics
Meet Kameron White, a participant in the Milestone Initiative Summit which is actively working to carve out space for Black and diverse superheroes (including LGBTQ+ characters) to be the center of the action.

Getting Away to Madeline Island This Summer
A detailed guide to a popular summer getaway off the coast of Ashland, Wisconsin.

Rainbow Health Returns to Downtown Minneapolis
This LGBTQ+ non-profit moves their office from Saint Paul to downtown Minneapolis.

The Big Assist To Bring Back The Gay Softball World Series To The Twin Cities
The Twin Cities will host the Gay Softball World Series for the first time since 2012.

Welcome One Voice Mixed Chorus’ New Artistic Director
An interview with Kimberly Waigwa, the new Artistic Director for One Voice Mixed Chorus.

The Wide World of Whiskey: What’s Trending, How to Drink It, and More
A look at the popular amber-colored alcohol and why it’s popularity is on the rise.

Give to the Max: When Minnesotans’ Generosity Shines
Give to the Max connects donors with nonprofits to help make Minnesota a better place.

Introducing the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus’ 43rd Season
I spoke with a singer with the chorus, to learn more about the season and what it’s like to be part of this unique community.

Transform Your Home for the Holidays and Beyond
A guide on how to gift furniture or home decor to yourself or others this holiday season.

TBD Health

How to Handle it if You’re Outed
Ideally, folks in the LGBTQ+ community get to choose when they come out. But sometimes, it doesn’t go that way. Here’s how to help.

Cosmopolitan UK

I Had an Affair — and I Regret Nothing
An intimate portrayal of a challenging but ultimately healing time of my life.

STEM Toy Expert

9 Fun and Challenging Easter STEM Ideas
Bring a little tech into the holiday.

Best STEM Toys for 6-Year-Olds
A detailed look at ideal educational toys for a young age.

iD Tech Camps logo

iD Tech Camps

How Minecraft Doesn’t Block Girls Out
How and why Minecraft is a supportive and educational space for girls.

Meet Riley, Our Make-A-Wish Foundation Camper
Making techie wishes come true.

iD Tech Leads the Way in Gender Diversity
Representation matters at every age.

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Spray Tan by Kathryn Beauty Bar logo

Spray Tan by Kathryn

Spray Tanning is For All Skin Tones
Yes, even yours.

How to Prepare for Your Spray Tan
Tips for a successful appointment.

What to Expect at Your Appointment with Spray Tan by Kathryn
Arrive excited, leave happy.

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Coalition Technologies

Why You Need a Pool Fence for Babies
Dig into this essential safety precaution.

Using a Net as a Pool Cover
The ins and outs of pool nets.

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