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Yes, there’s more to it than just, “stand up!”

You know the usual tips for staying healthy when your job involves a lot of sitting — take breaks, use a standing desk, stretch — but you probably don’t have the tricks to follow through.

Let’s be real, how many of us actually get up and walk around every fifteen minutes or stay vigilant about our posture?

I know I don’t. In fact, I’m currently writing this in an armchair in my living room. (Not the most ergonomic).

So, let’s break down some ways you, as a freelance writer, can stay healthy during your workday. As a bonus, I’ll include an app recommendation for each tip to help you stick with your new habits.

Get Outside

So simple, yet so effective! Personally, I take two 10-minute walks every day. The most important part — so listen up! — is to put your phone firmly in your pocket.

No scrolling Instagram. No responding to your friend’s Snapchat. No reading that breaking article on Facebook. Nada.

Why? Because the whole point of going outside is to unplug.

You’re a writer, you know the value in letting your mind wander. You never know when your next fabulous blog post idea or stunning marketing move will occur to you.

But you know when it won’t occur to you? When you’re mindlessly surfing the internet. So put that phone away and let the numerous health benefits of sunshine work their magic.

App: iPhone’s built-in Health app or Android’s built-in Fit app automatically count your steps so you can feel accomplished when you take those walks.

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Stay Social

Writing is, by definition, (usually) a solitary act. Writers can suffer from a lack of human interaction, especially freelancers who (again, usually) work from their homes.

To combat this, go be social!

Don’t wince, introverts; you can be social without being particularly…

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